#2 Phillips 2-Inch Terminator Impact Bit in Clear Bit Bowl with 250 Bits

  • Wiha Feature: Wiha Approved
  • Terminator Bits
Terminator impact bit 250 pack bit bowl from Wiha Tools. Standard quarter inch hex drive packaged bit bowl for access to single bits by hand
Wiha Tools Terminator Impact bits feature a red, bi-material torsion zone that allows the bit to flex when in use providing up to 30x greater lifespan than that of a standard Wiha bit. This means less time looking for a new bit, switching bits, and buying bits and more time getting your hard work DONE. Wiha Terminator bits come in a variety of sizes, quantities, and lengths. Bits are packaged in a convenient bit box for storage and travel.
More Information
Head Typephillips
Pack Quantity250
Bit Drive Size1/4" Hex
Bit TypeImpact
Size Phillips2
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