Wiha Tools Canada selling Wiha made hand tools in Canada since 2007


Wiha Hex tools provide precision and efficiency for your project. Wiha Hex keys, hex bits, and hex bit sets are available in precision sizes, insulated hex keys and insulated hex T handles, or ball end tips. No matter the size or caliber of your project we have mini hex sets to insulated hex sets to help get a job well done.

Professional Quality Hex Keys

Hex keys have lots of names and spellings, such as allen keys, allen wrenches, or alan wrench sets, no matter what you call them Wiha has been making high quality hex keys in Germany for years.

Hex Keys with Precision Machined Hex Tips

Wiha hex keys have precision machined tips and are made from Wiha’s exclusive tool steel. Tips are kept within extreme manufacturing tolerances to match international specifications for inch and metric to help reduce stripped screws and broken hex keys.

Grab the Correct Size Hex Key Easily

Wiha Ergostar holders make grabbing the right hex key an easy task. Just turn the largest key and the rest open to make pulling the desired key easy. With the Ergostar holder you will spend less time fumbling around with hex holders trying to get the one you want.

Stop Dropping Hex Screws

Wiha MagicRing screw holding hex tools make dropping screws a thing of the past by using a hardened steel ring around the tip of the hey key to hold screws in place when working in hard to reach areas.