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iTorque Digital Torque Control Screwdriver Handles

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SKU Product Range Inch lbs. Imperial Increments Range Nm Increments Price Qty
28886 Made In Germany - Wiha Quality iTorque Screwdriver Handle 40-150 Ncm 60-210 in/oz 1 in/oz 40-150 Ncm 1 Ncm
28887 Made In Germany - Wiha Quality iTorque Screwdriver Handle 0.8-3.0 Nm 7-26 in/lbs. 0.1 in/lbs. 0.8-3.0 Nm .01Nm
28889 Made In Germany - Wiha Quality iTorque Screwdriver Handle 1.0-5.0 Nm 9-45 in/lbs. 0.1 in/lbs. 1.0-5.0 Nm .01Nm


The intellegent torque tool, Made in Germany
For applications where recommended torque settings are important.

EN ISO 6789, BS EN 26789, ASME B107.14M
Includes Certificate of Calibration
Torque can quickly be adjusted & switched between Nm or In.Lbs integrated in handle.
Ergonomic plastic/metal compound handle of quality, robust materials.
Handle size designed for optimal torque
Distinctly audible and perceptible click signal when set toque is reached.
Compatible with all Wiha torque blades

Click Control - integrated counter records all torque Incidents.
Calibration alert following 5,000 applications (reference value is resettable)
Large digital display for simple setting of torque value.
Units can be simply switched - Nm ↔in.lbs / cNm ↔in.oz.
±6% Accuracy
Includes TorqueControl Adapter Blade For 4mm Bits

Additional Info

TorqueControl Type iTorque
Torque Display Scale Dual Nm and Inch lbs
Torque Accuracy ±6%

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