Wiha Tools Canada selling Wiha made hand tools in Canada since 2007


Wiha has been making screwdrivers in Schonach Germany since 1947 and continues to improve their design and manufacturing processes to make the finest screwdrivers in the world. Wiha SoftFinish screwdrivers come in a variety of sizes, tip styles, and lengths for whatever nuts, bolts, and screws you are working with. From precision screwdriver sets to Insulated screwdriver sets for electricians, there’s a driver for your profession, hobby, or garage. Don’t let your tool collection go without the addition of a #2 Phillips Wiha screwdriver.

MicroFinish Screwdrivers

For working in oily or wet conditions Wiha MicroFinish screwdrivers allow you to keep a firm grip in slippery conditions. Heavy duty screwdrivers have a hex bolster for added torque plus steel from end to end with a steel striking cap, and  are oil & grease resistant.

Drive-Loc VI Adjustable Length Screwdrivers

Wiha Drive-Loc VI adjustable length blades and nut driver blades use the SoftFinish screwdriver handle for comfort and allow you to change the length of the blade as needed, Drive-Loc blades have dual tips enabling you to carry more bit styles with less space.

Nut Drivers

Wiha Nut drivers come in a variety of handle styles:

Bit Holding Screwdrivers

If you prefer a certain screwdriver handle but want to extend it with insert bits choose a bit holder with the handle style that is right for you.