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Tech Tools

When fixing electronics, optics, medical equipment, mobile devices and all things small you need to be precise and cannot afford to strip a screw. Wiha Precision screwdrivers and tech tools can help get the job done right the first time. 

Wiha tech tools offer you the agility to navigate the intricate spaces that circuit boards and Mobile Devices present you with. From the Y000 Picofinish screwdriver, Pentalobe screwdrivers and micro bits to our ESD Tweezers, you’ll have it all handled.

Wiha Precision Screwdrivers set the Industry Standard

Our precision screwdrivers have been the industry standard precision screwdriver for professionals and large companies with critical components since they were introduced to North America in the early 1990’s. If you want upgrade to Wiha quality this Precision Slotted & Philips screwdriver set may be the last precision driver set you’ll ever buy.

Precision Drivers Sets with Quality Steel & Durable Precision Tips

Wiha precision screwdrivers are made from Wiha’s exclusive CVM tool steel and because of strict manufacturing tolerance’s the tips will fit properly and are made to last a lifetime.

PicoFinish Grip Precision Screwdrivers

Wiha PicoFinish precision screwdrivers come in either Insulated or standard finish. They have rotating caps just like standard precision drivers, they have a slightly softer grip, and the tip size is printed on the top of the screwdriver.

Pliers for Precision Electronics Work

Wiha precision electronic pliers are great for working with electronics, cutting wires, or stripping small gauge soft wires.

Wiha Micro Bits

Our System 4 micro bits come in a variety of sets, sizes, and styles to prepare you to tackle any project. System 4 ESD safe technician’s sets hold 14 micro bits, have and ESD safe handle, an extension blade. They are portable and can easily fit into any backpack, toolbox, or bag.

Compact Micro Bit Sets

System 4 Micro bit master technician sets have multiple styles of containers for whatever field you are in. Compact folding sets will keep the 4mm micro bits in place and at the ready on a workbench or in drawer.  You can extend the 4mm micro bits with bit adapters for use in other tools and applications.