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Tool Types

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  • Torx® T-Handles

    Starting at: CA$9.36

  • Torx® Bit Socket 3/8" Square Drive 5/16" Bits

    Starting at: CA$11.16

  • Torx® Bit Socket 1/2" Square Drive

    Starting at: CA$16.16

  • Torx® Insert Bit 5/16" Drive

    Starting at: CA$55.76

  • Torx® Insert Bit 5/16" Drive 2 Pack

    Starting at: CA$12.16

  • Torx® L-Keys Short Arm

    Starting at: CA$3.36

  • Torx® L-Keys Long Arm

    Starting at: CA$3.96

  • Torx® Ball End L-Keys Long Arm

    Starting at: CA$7.36

  • 3K Ergonomic Torx® Screwdrivers

    Starting at: CA$8.56

  • Insulated Torx® Screwdrivers

    Starting at: CA$9.76

  • Torx® SoftFinish® Screwdrivers

    Starting at: CA$7.76

11 Item(s)

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