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TorqueControl Tools

TorqueControl Tools

Adjustable torque screwdrivers in Inch Pounds or Newton Meters from Wiha allow you to precisely limit the amount of torque for any application. Both Nm and In/lbs have fixed,"TorqueFix", or adjustable torque settings called "TorqueVario". 

Find variable or fixed Inch pound handles 15 in/oz. to 70 in/lbs. Find Newton Meter and fixed torque handles  variable handles 0.1Nm to 8.0Nm

Pair with the correct torque blade or 1/4″ bit holder to properly fasten at a specific torque setting for your application.

Variable Handles

Preset Handles

Storage Box Sets

Canvas Pouch Sets

iTorque Bit Sets

Adapters for TorqueFix and TorqueVario

Blades for TorqueFix and TorqueVario

Cable Keys